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FinanceApril 28, 2022

Why Picard Surgelés chose CCH® Tagetik as a single solution for Consolidation, Reporting, and Budgeting

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Picard Surgelés is a French food company specializing in the manufacture and retail distribution of frozen products. Picard Surgelés choose CCH® Tagetik for: 

  • CCH® Tagetik Budgeting & Planning
  • CCH® Tagetik Collaborative Office
  • CCH® Tagetik Consolidation 

To learn more about how CCH® Tagetik has enabled Picard Surgelés’ digital transformation, we spoke with Rose Morliere, Functional Project Manager, about the challenges faced before CCH® Tagetik and the benefits gained using our comprehensive CPM solution

What were the biggest challenges you faced before CCH Tagetik? 

Before CCH Tagetik, our processes were very old school. We primarily used Excel for consolidation and financial reporting. We completed a big part of our budget in a well-known budget solution, but that solution was near the end of its life and we needed a replacement. When it came to budgeting, the only problem was our solution only covered a part of the budget preparation: sales and store staff costs. The rest of our budget process was completed in Excel. In addition to those challenges, we needed a clearer audit process because we weren’t able to reconcile the figures between financial reporting and consolidation each quarter. 

Why did you choose CCH Tagetik? 

First, CCH Tagetik allowed us to integrate all processes in the same tool: consolidation, reporting, and budgeting. All other tools offered two separate modules with manageable interfaces, which seemed a little too heavy. 

The second point that piqued our interest CCH Tagetik was the solution’s ability to manage our reports with the unique parameters we require and format our files differently, when needed. 

Finally, as a distribution company, our budget is based on weeks, not calendar months. We have to reconcile business weeks with months. We work at a very detailed level, which means that we make a weekly turnover budget and by point of sale. 

How have you benefitted from CCH Tagetik? 

Today, when it comes to our budget, our goal is to reproduce the existing budget. Our users are happy and that works for us. We have the same data entry structure. This is because CCH Tagetik offers Excel as the input database. I think that our CFO is even more confident in the figures that we publish and is especially confident in our financial reporting and our consolidation, which used to be a real problem every quarter. 

Would you recommend CCH Tagetik to your peers? 

I am very happy to have chosen CCH Tagetik for our processes and I would, without a doubt, recommend it to my peers. 

Nancy-Di Cosola
Global Customer Marketing Manager - CCH Tagetik
Nancy manages the CCH Tagetik's Customer advocacy program, her focus is to help make customers successful and highlight their success. Obtaining a tight pulse on our happiest of customers and have creative ideas for increasing our customer advocate base.
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